The words to the music

Most of the lyrics originate from the album sleeves or typewritten originals, including the original spelling.
All songs are written by Fred Cole except where indicated otherwise
(we're still working on finding all the cover songs to get them complete, too!)

In the graveyard (1988)

Unknown passage (1989)

Dead Moon Night (1990)

Thirteen off my hook (1990)

Defiance (1990)

Liveevil (1991)

Stranded in the mystery zone (1991)

Strange pray tell (1992)

Crack in the system (1994)

Nervous sooner changes (1995)

Hard Wired in Ljubljana (1997)

Destination X (1999)

Trash & Burn (2001)

Dead Ahead (2004)

Miscellaneous (non-album tracks)