What began as insurrection
What began as one small voice
What began a code of silence
Would become no other choice
Like a thousand vagabonds
Discard in the trash
We marched along the gates of freedom crashing

With little or no change to win
We faced the war machine
Hoping that our dying here
Would bring on their defeat
Outstretched arms with bayonets
Running through the mass
As we hid inside the gates of freedom crashing

We soon became our enemies
As the tide of war that they had fought
Untill nothing but hate remained
The fountain of democracy
Had been poisoned by our past
As we latched upon the gates of freedom crashing

A distant sound came to my ear
Like the trigger of a gun
A man who'd seen the cost of war
Losing everyone
I wondered if I too would be
Destined for the path
As we gazed upon the gates of freedom crashing

The years distorted everyone
We'd all become the same
No longer a distinction
Between insanity or sane
No strength without division
No one first and no one lasting
As we walked across the gates of freedom crashing

A light came through the tunnel
In a world designed be night
Familiar words rang through my head
"Give me liberty or die"
I remembered those the very words
Cried out at the lashing
As we'd looked beyond the gates of freedom crashing


From: Hard Wired In Ljublana, cd+cd-rom version (1997)