...without whom these pages could never be, blah...

"First of all: thank YOU for showing an interest in Dead Moon and for visiting this site...! We hope you will return regularly to see if we've got anything new."

That's been on the site ever since it was launched - as was everything below, but now (October '99) it's time to say thanks a lot to ALL the people who helped me find out all the sordid details about compilation albums (like Brian Gix did recently, thanks a lot!), split singles, cover versions, etcetera. I can't begin listing each and every one of you, but you know who you are and we keep in touch by email, OK? Love, Eric Now, on with the show:
If you have anything to contribute, photos (good or bad), clippings, reviews, interviews from magazines in whatever language, we'd love it if you would send them in (preferably with a translation in English when necessary) to make our pages even more complete. If you can't scan things yourself, you can send us an email and we'll give you an up-to-date snail mail address of the weirdos who run these pages!

All ot the Dead Moon artwork used for these pages was ripped from record sleeves and therefore most of it was originally designed by Kelly Manahan (who's also responsible for the killer logo!). Thanks Kelly, especially for that package - great stuff!! The 'Hard Wired...' sleeve was made by Peter Pontiac, to whom we say hello and thank you - it's amazing...! Thanks a lot to Edwin Heath (you didn't have to show your passport, we believed you!) for additional discography information; a long overdue thank you very much to Rob Berends at Paperclip Agency (we get our Eropean gig info straight from him!); a big thank you to SPOD in Delft for time and space (Kees Huiberts in particular); to Albert Witteveen for the MB's and for his help (and the ride to Groningen); hello and thanks to Weeden Cole & to Charlie ("Kareltje"); to Dutch die-hards like Kees and Dicky; to Sallyann & Dan from Pittsburgh; to everyone who sent in stuff even before these pages were put on the net officially; hello to little Toody & her parents; thanks a million to Hans and Angela and of course a big huge thankyou to Fred, Toody and Andrew for the patience, the stories, the friendship, the beers and... well, it's just that you guys fucking rule!

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